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Gunman killed, two police officers injured during wild shootout

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A traffic stop leads to a deadly shootout with Oklahoma City police.

One suspect is dead and two police officers are injured.

Dozens of bullet holes riddled the area.

"It was pretty crazy," said Sara Martinez.

Sara lives right next to the parking lot where the shooting took place.

32 different bullet holes could be found on scene.

"It sounded like New Years with a whole bunch of fireworks," said Martinez.

Bullets even flew across Rockwell, busting a car window and going into another home.

"When this happens you know how close it was," said neighbor Kathi Mason.

Police say the shootout started Monday night after a police officer pulled over a car near NW 12th and Rockwell.

Three people were inside the car at the time.

The driver, Renarbrey Jones, and one of the passengers, Roger Gurley, had multiple warrants for their arrest.

Police say the first officer called for backup and when police tried to handcuff Jones, another passenger, Lincoln Price, got out with a gun and started shooting at the officers.

"We have to figure out why he would do something like that," said Oklahoma City Police Captain Paco Balderrama. "You know it's our belief this individual had every intention of getting away and if that meant killing an officer, he was willing to do that. It's possible he didn't want to go back to prison because he was in possession of a firearm."

One officer got shot in the leg, another injured his hand and finger.

Price died on scene.

Everyone else in the area agrees police had every right to use deadly force.

"The suspect was shooting first," said Ming Jiang. "The police officers have a right to defend themselves."

"He should've known they'd kill him and luckily they had good shots and it ended after that," said Mason.

"It's pretty obvious when someone shoots at an officer, they have a right to protect themselves and citizens in the neighborhood," said Balderrama.

As for the injured officers, both are expected to recover.

All four officers involved in the shooting have been put on leave while the case is investigated.