“This is probably my 6th break in,” neighbors concerned after burglaries appear to rise in metro city

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MIDWEST CITY - Midwest City residents claim they're being targeted by burglars.

Now one victim says she's fed up, and may have to leave the community she loves all together.

When Nakeia Billingsley came home Friday night, she came home to a mess.

"This is probably my 6th break in since I've been living in this house," said Billingsley.

After sifting through the mess, Nakeia found that two TV's had been stolen, but it's the home damage that's most worrisome.

"Ripped part of the bracket off, put holes in my wall," said Billingsley. "It's just getting to the point where I'm about to vacate Midwest City."

Nakeia's not alone, Midwest City Police incident reports show at least 4 burglaries that were reported in the area on Monday.

But it's a problem that spreads far beyond Midwest City.

According to a study by the FBI, during the holidays there are close to 400,000 burglaries nationwide.

To keep burglars at bay, Nakeia has installed bars that cover her front door and windows, but she says she'll soon be stepping up her security even more.

"I have an alarm, I'm gonna also get cameras," said Billingsley. "I'm glad my daughter wasn't home...TV's are replaceable, a life isn't."

Crime prevention experts say families should be extra vigilant during the holidays.

One way to be more secure, avoid posting any holiday vacation fun on social media.

When people let their Facebook world know they're out of the house, experts say they're putting themselves in harm's way.

Many times the burglar is someone the family knows.