Update: Metro convenience store clerk beaten, robbed at gunpoint

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma police officers are searching for two suspects accused of robbing a convenience store at gunpoint.

It happened Monday, Nov. 24 at the Shamrock at 1421 S. Agnew.

Police say the two suspects armed with guns robbed the store, then assaulted the store clerk.

Surveillance video captured the alleged crime, and now officers need your help to identify the suspect.

It was a scary situation for a convenience store clerk after he was held up at gun point and beaten. The entire robbery caught on camera.

The Shamrock gas station where the robbery took place is in Stockyard’s City, a very popular district in Oklahoma City.

It’s right down the street from Cattleman’s Steakhouse.

“And then they ask gun gun, the gun over here. They ask money,” Ram Bhatla, the clerk held at gunpoint, said.

He is still shaken up by the armed robbery last week inside the shamrock convenience store.

Surveillance video shows the alleged two criminals in action. First, lunging at Bhatla before holding him at gunpoint and taking all of the money from the cash register.

“I can’t uh I can’t explain, because I thought when they had the gun here I thought they kill me,” Bhatla said.

They wanted something he couldn’t give them, the keys to the safe.

“They again ask key. Give me key,” Bhatla said.

But they still wanted more.

“Then he started to punch uh. ‘He punched you?’ Yeah, yeah he punched me 5 or 6 times here.” Bhatla said.

That’s when a customer came in and scared the suspects off.

A photo shows the aftermath taken a day after the incident. Bhatla’s face, mouth and nose swollen.

“The gun. I thought…I scared. Oh my God. they kill me. They are going to kill me,” Bhatla said.

Now the Oklahoma City Police Department is asking for your help in catching these violent thieves.

The suspects are described as two black men at 5’7 and 140 pounds.

One suspect was wearing white gloves, a black hoodie and black shoes. The other suspect was wearing a black hoodie with a gold design and a shiny belt with a gun design.

If you know anything contact Crimestoppers at 235-7300.

You may be eligible for a cash reward.

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