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Great State: Bedlam Has a Happy Home in a Chickasha Car Dealership

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CHICKASHA, OKLAHOMA -- Big dealership, lots of new cars and trucks.

That's Randy Byford's business.

"At least I hope it is," he chuckles.

But his other passion is tacked all over the showroom walls.

"You probably never thought you'd have a collection this big," remarks a showroom visitor.

"No I did not at all," he says.

Randy didn't even have his own dealership when OU Womens Basketball Coach Sherri Coale walked through the door to buy a car from him.

"That is exactly how it all started," says Randy.

They became friends.

Randy plays a little golf and went to OSU so he and Mike Holder got to be good friends too.

He explains, "I just really want to support Oklahoma athletics and what they bring to our state."

Byford points to a huge shoe signed by Kevin Durant, a former neighbor.

"Obviously with the Thunder. I got Kevin Durant's shoes."

From there it just blossomed.

Byford wasn't bashful about his support and is friends weren't shy about sending signatures his way.

Among the vast sports memorabilia collection at the dealership, autographed helmets from all four Sooner Heisman Trophy winners.

Throw in an OSU team helmet, even a Washington Redskin helmet autographed by then coach Joe Gibbs, Vince Gill and Amy Grant.

Byford's got autographed footballs from a whole bunch of bowl games, a lot more stuff from the Masters golf tournament, courtesy of another friend, Hunter Mahan.

Randy says, "He was another customer of mine."

Visitors marvel at the check stubs from 3 former Beatles, or the 1920 insurance policy baseball legend Babe Ruth took out in case he got injured.

Reading from the original policy, Byford says, "It could not exceed $400 per week."

Asked to point out his favorites and Byford refers to items linked to the people he knew or knows best.

Former OSU Womens Basketball Coach Kurt Budke sent all kinds of stuff during his tenure.

Randy cherishes a picture of Sherri Coale standing with former OSU Mens Basketball Coach Eddie Sutton after a golf tournament fund raiser for the Budke foundation.

Randy is a big sports fan, but he values friendship even more.

"A lot of people call them connections, but we are who are friends are."

A true fan of Oklahoma sports, as in sports in Oklahoma, a car salesman reveals his true passion by what he puts in his showroom.

In this case, a few cars, and hundreds of friends.

Byford owns car dealerships in Duncan and Chickasha.

His sports collection is housed in the Chickasha location.