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Great State: Missing Dog Mystery from May 2013 Tornado Finally Solved in McAlester

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MCALESTER, OKLAHOMA -- It's hard to tell who likes visiting the grandparents more, Rebecca Baker's three daughters, or their dog Rosco.

"This is his favorite place," says Rebecca.

The 3-year-old mixed breed pug gets to play with another dog and the kids in a big yard.

Keeping up is hard enough, but tracing all of his steps backward has only recently become possible.

"He's a great dog," says Baker.

"He's a match," observes a visitor.

"He is a match," she agrees. "A perfect match."

On a clear evening he's pretty happy, but add storm clouds to the atmosphere and Rosco will panic and run.

He's been that way ever since May of 2013.

Rosco was a victim of the May 20th storm that cut a wide path through Moore, Oklahoma.

The dog escaped from his owners when a fence blew down.

He joined dozens of other pet refugees.

Volunteers gathered them up and tried to re-unite them with owners but the system was far from perfect.

Rosco ended up at an animal shelter, then adopted to a family in Enid.

That family couldn't keep him.

Rebecca and her daughters answered a Facebook page flier to adopt the dog a second time.

She recalls, "Somebody had him on there and he was cute. He just looked like he would fit our family."

The storms of life sometimes haunt us even after they've passed.

A little thunderstorm was all it took for Rosco to take flight again from his backyard in McAlester.

He ended up at Brian Reneger's animal hospital.

Reneger finally scanned him for identification.

A small chip beneath the dog's skin revealed his true identity, and a rightful owner in Moore.

Reneger says, "When they (the Bakers) got down here we told them the dog had been lost in the Moore tornado and that we'd talked with the gentleman that had owned the dog."

Rebecca says, "We spent about an hour down at Reneger's crying. We were petting him and saying goodbye."

Rebecca faced a tough conversation with her children. She was prepared to give back they dog they loved until she and the owner talked.

In the end, he couldn't bring himself to take Rosco and change his name back to Spanky again.

In a world full of uprooted and disjointed families, sometimes tossed by all kinds of storms, finding a place that feels like home can be hard.

But when it feels right, there's no place like it.

Rosco's original owner, Josh Thomas, thought his dog had died in the May 20th storms.

He and Rebecca have stayed in contact since the mystery of Rosco's fate was solved.