Heritage Hall Chargers upset they’re caught in football limbo

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OKLAHOMA CITY - No play off game tomorrow night for Heritage Hall High School after a judge granted Douglass High School a temporary restraining order after a botched enforcement on a penalty call.

The decision is having a rippling effect for other teams.

Members of the Heritage Hall Charger's football team say they're disappointed there will be no Friday night lights for them tomorrow.

"Now we don't have a game, now we're in complete limbo," Charger's Head Coach, Andy Bogart says.

Thanks to the football call heard around the state, a Douglass High School touchdown was shot down by refs after they called a sideline penalty on a coach with only 64 seconds left to play in the game.

The team wanted a re-do after officials admit the penalty was wrongly enforced and the touchdown should have counted.

Now a judge ordered a playoff game halted to determine if Douglass will get a chance at re-playing the game.

"We found out on the practice field around 4:30 I would guess, game, first text, game postponed," Coach Bogart says.

A partial victory for one school, but not for Heritage Hall.

"They're not going to hear this until next Thursday, so the earliest we could play would be the 19th, which we're out of school, so it's very frustrating," Bogart said.

Frustration trickling down to the players who had nothing to do with what happened to Douglass.

"Hearing we aren't going to be able to play it or when we're going to play it is confusing and pretty frustrating," Connor McGinnis, the team's senior quarterback said.

Another hearing will happen next Thursday, Heritage Hall's team is just ready to hit the field.

"At the least I would like to play next Friday at least and then the Friday after that so we could be done and over before Christmas break," Coach Bogart said.

Now, the Charger's quarterback is left to cancel his Friday night lights for different plans.

"Um tomorrow night, I have a 7 page paper that I needed to get started on," McGinnis says.

Most football teams will not release players to go onto basketball season until football season is over.

If this goes on much longer through the courts, it could delay basketball season for some metro teams.