Oklahoma composer hired for Peter Pan Live!

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OKLAHOMA CITY - You've seen the 1953 Disney version of Peter Pan.

Now the theatrical version will come to life in Peter Pan Live!

 NBC enlisted the help of Oklahoma composer Jerod Tate.

 It’s in his Oklahoma City office where the Emmy winner worked to put a fresh take on the controversial Peter Pan song "Ugg-A-Wugg."

 "The scene is where Tiger Lily and Peter Pan are trying to figure out a word to call each other when they're in distress when they're attacking Captain Hook," Tate said.

 It's that scene that's received flak for its portrayal of Native American culture both in film and theatre productions.

 You won't hear those words in this production.

 "So I looked at Wyandot language and tried to find a three syllable word that had the same meaning and fit with the music," Tate said. "So we found a Wyandot word oh-wah-hey which means 'come here.' It fit with the music perfectly."

 Tate said that's not the only change to the song.

 "So when there's all of this gibberish stuff going on they replaced it with nursery rhymes which actually kind of makes more sense because it's a children's fairy tale." he said.

 Tate believes there's stereotype in most musicals.

 "So that's just the way music theatre is,” he said. “So having said that, I think NBC found a really good balance of holding the integrity of what music theatre is, but also the subject matter."

 He's excited to see his hard labor come to life from the comfort of his own home.

 "In our living room watching channel 4," Tate laughed.

Peter Pan Live! airs tonight on NBC and KFOR at 7 p.m.