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Top 10 metro cities with the most unpredictable weather are…

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Oklahoma City skyline

Oklahomans have been saying it for years, but now a study may prove our point about our state’s crazy weather.

A recent study by FiveThirtyEight shows, out of the most populated cities in the country, Oklahoma City has the second most unpredictable weather.

The study compared daily weather patterns against long-term averages.

It also took into account temperatures, precipitation, and severe weather.

The top 10 most populous metro cities with the most unpredictable weather are:

  1. Kansas City, Missouri
  2. Oklahoma City
  3. Minneapolis
  4. Cincinnati
  5. Indianapolis
  6. St. Louis
  7. Birmingham, Alabama
  8. Boston
  9. Milwaukee
  10. Dallas

Read more on the study here.


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