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Update: Judge will not rule on Douglass, Locust Grove game controversy until Thursday

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UPDATE: 12/10 4:13 p.m.:  After a hearing to decide what would be done about a botched call in a high school playoff game, a judge announced that he would not make his decision on the case until Thursday.

Initially, a ruling was expected on Wednesday afternoon.

On Wednesday afternoon, the judge said that no matter what he decides, there will be no winners in this case.

During the hearing, the executive director of the OSSAA was the only witness called to testify.

In fact, the judge spent over an hour questioning attorneys for both parties on whether this case should even be in his courtroom.

At one point, he asked if the court should be in the business of deciding the outcome of a football game.

The judge finished by saying no matter what happens, precedents will be set and he knows that he must proceed with caution.

His ruling is now expected to come down around 10 a.m. on Thursday.


OKLAHOMA CITY –  New developments for an Oklahoma City  high school football team that has been in the headlines lately.

The OSSAA, The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Associationsays Douglass High School is removed from probation and is just on a warning status.

The school was put on probation after a fan allegedly  punched an official at the Douglass vs. Locust Grove game.ossaa

The OSSAA board voted 7-4 to move the school from probation to warning status.

Board members say the school was taken off probation was because the fan who allegedly punched a game official was not a student.

The person accused of assaulting the ref is also banned for life from all Oklahoma City Public School events, according to the OSSAA.

The board says it would like to look at the coach’s actions at a future meeting.

Meanwhile, the legal battle continues to determine if Douglass will be allowed to participate in the playoffs.

A judge will determine if they will play at a hearing Wednesday afternoon.


LOCUST GROVE, Okla. – The Locust Grove head coach is breaking his silence after a judge postponed a playoff game.

Locust Grove head coach Matt Hennesy says the legal battle being waged by the Oklahoma City School District to get the game replayed is a waste of time and money.

During an interview with KJRH, Hennesy said the Douglass coach needs to “man up.”

“I don’t agree with the way he’s handling things. I think when you make the mistake and you don’t argue the right thing on a call, you should man up and tell your players you’re the one that screwed up whether the official made the right call or not. It’s just not how you do things. What is he teaching his kids? Whenever you don’t get something to go the way you want it to then take it to court and try to do that? I hate that stuff.” said Hennesy.

Hennesy says the positive side of the motion is that Locust Grove players have more time to practice.

He also says if the Pirates play the Trojans again, Locust Grove will come out on top.

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