White House on the brink of another government shut down

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WASHINGTON (CNN)– Congress has until midnight to decide on the passing of a massive spending package.

The struggle to pass the bill may lead to the second government shutdown in almost a year.

In a frenzy to get more votes, the House went into recess around 2 p.m. CT after debating the $1.1 trillion spending package.

Earlier this morning, the chamber barely approved a routine step in the bill passing process.

That’s when Speaker John Boehner realized he may have a tougher time passing this thing than he anticipated.

President Obama is backing the spending bill that, if passed, will fund the government through September 2015.

American citizens are having mixed feelings about the situation.

According to whnt.com,

” A shutdown like the one that happened last year is still unlikely as congressional leaders could come together on a short-term funding bill at the last minute.

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