Well-known neighborhood targeted by thieves

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Folks in Mesta Park are on high alert after becoming the target of thieves.

In the past week, authorities say there have been reports of a home burglary and packages being stolen from porches.

Most recently, a couple's cars were ransacked.

"It was absolute panic for both of us,” said Josh De’Lozier.

De'Lozier said his family woke up to the unexpected.

"My wife's car, her trunk was open and my front door was open as well, so we knew immediately that someone had gone through our cars,” said De’Lozier.

Thieves weren't interested in expensive camera equipment or presents.

"They took change out of the change holder, some bills that I had in a hidden compartment, then they just ransacked our glove boxes, center consoles," he said.

Despite the neighborhood cat that followed us around while we were filming, residents said constant communication between people on the block is a big help.

"We have stolen packages. We have the stolen lawn mower,” said De’Lozier.

Through a smartphone application called “Nextdoor,” users can let their neighbors know what is going on in the area.

"If I see somebody that doesn’t belong here, I'll call the neighbors or call the police,” said Frederick K. Thompson.

Thompson says that's exactly what a neighbor did for him when he was targeted by thieves.

"They stole about $4,000 of engine building equipment. That's what I used to do for a living, build engines,” said Thompson.

Victims are asking other Oklahomans to be more aware this holiday season.

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