Your eyebrows may raise when you hear about this stocking stuffer!

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- Gardening guru, Linda Vater gives great ideas for what to give your loved ones as stocking stuffers.

Linda swears by manure tea bags...  I know, I know.

Not to worry, these are not actually to for consumption!

They come in flavors such as horse, cow, or alfalfa, and they are a valuable soil conditioner.

Believe it or not, they smell great!

Gardening gloves are always a good idea. Bionic rose gloves would be extremely handy because they have a long gauntlet sleeve and leather fingertips to protect from nicks and pricks in the garden.

Even for a non-gardener, give some Hunter gardener boots. They are fashionable, multi-purpose, and can be found on e-bay for a reasonable price. You can even use them as the stocking itself!

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