911 dispatchers give gift to man who called 4,000 times

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT.– Police tracked down a man who dialed 911 over 4,000 times in one week. Although they were upset by the false reports, authorities were relieved to find out the reason behind the calls.

Emergency dispatcher, Kari Bueno tells KSL-TV that, “We found out it was somebody with a disability who was just trying to listen to music. There was no intent to call 911.”

David VanBibber, 30, has a mental disability that, according to his family, leaves him with the functioning brain of an 8-year-old.

VanBibber was given an old disconnected cell phone to use as his music device. But all phones can call 911, even without a service plan. So every time he tried to listen to music, he ended up calling 911 dispatchers instead.

KSL-TV says that VanBibber’s cell phone was taken away to prevent any more phone calls. But the operators felt bad that his music device was taken away.

So they gifted to him an iPod nano and a $100 iTunes gift card.

VanBibber told everyone at the Emergency Communications Center, “You’re awesome.”

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