‘I’m very glad they’re not in that situation anymore,’ Oklahoma woman charged with child neglect, abuse

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ENID, Okla. - A house of filth uncovered in Enid, now the four kids who lived inside are in DHS custody.

"Where they were living, none of these kids had a chance to make it anywhere," noted one neighbor.

The leader of the home, 24-year-old Katilyn Reed, was arrested Thursday on four counts of child neglect and one count of child abuse.

Conditions inside the home on the 1200 block of West Oak are hard to describe.

"Dog feces throughout all the rooms in the house," said Captain Jack Morris, with Enid Police. "Several cockroaches crawling up the walls, on the floor, everywhere you went."

Enid Police first found the home last month, after one of the juveniles, at 14 years old, decided she'd had enough.

"A juvenile female came into the lobby with some relatives to report abuse allegations that were occurring at the residence," said Morris.

Some of the alleged abuse in fact was caught on camera.

An Enid police report describes cell phone video taken by the teen's grandmother, showing Reed taunting and even threatening the juvenile with a stun gun.

"You could tell the 14-year-old was extremely upset," said Morris. "Crying, saying 'please stop'...and you could see the adult laughing about it."

Not all four juveniles were related to Reed by blood, but were living with her because their father was recently incarcerated.

But news of Reed's arrest came as no surprise to her neighbors.

"I ain't surprised, I've been waiting for it," said Justin Clayton, who lived next door to Reed.

"I'm very glad they're not in that situation anymore," said Sarah Zumalt, neighbor who actually helped care for the children on several occasions. "They need some foster parents or something to help keep them straight."

No bond has been set for Reed.


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