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Doggie dangers: Vets warn about overlooked holiday hazards

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ARLINGTON, Wash. (KING) – Like many puppies, Scout likes to play and chew on things.

“He is a little too curious sometimes and he will eat leaves. He will eat a bunch of different things,” said Cole Preder.

Scout’s curiosity got him into a bit of trouble this week.

“I was sitting on the couch. My sister was playing with Scout. She had pulled her attention away from him for a second or two and when she looked back, she noticed he was chewing on something,” the 10-year-old said.

Scout’s family wasn’t sure exactly what he ate but rushed him to Arlington Veterinary Hospital.

After an x-ray, veterinarians found out Scout had swallowed a Christmas ornament hook in his stomach.

“It can catch on the intestines, it can rip the intestines,” said Kellie Bartlett, a veterinary technician.

Fortunately, the hook was quickly located and removed.

“We were pretty careful and yet, one still made it to the floor, so maybe just do a second look around to make sure nothing else is there,” said Tyler Preder, Cole’s dad.

In addition to ornaments, experts say you should keep your pet away from Poinsettias, tinsel and chocolate.

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