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Drug bust uncovers nearly $30,000 in cash and narcotics

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PONCA CITY, Okla. - Months of investigating lead to a major drug bust in Ponca City, and nearby parents are breathing a sigh of relief.

The bust focused on a house that's right between two parks, and just down the road from an elementary school.

Rumors are swirling on South 9th Street in Ponca City, because the search warrant issued for a neighborhood home uncovered more than police bargained for.

"We recovered this morning methamphetamine, rock cocaine, powder cocaine, a compressed brick of marijuana," said Sherry Bowers, with the Ponca City Police Department.

The drugs are valued at close to $15,000, but that was just half of what the bust uncovered.

Turns out, the two people inside the house, Tiara Denea Shaw and Lee Otis Coburn Jr., had stowed away $13,775 in cold hard cash.

That money is now in the hands of Ponca City Police.

"If a judge agrees with our seizure and our procedure, [the money] is returned then back into our investigating agencies," said Bowers.

The trouble doesn't stop there for this Ponca City couple.

Police say being within 2,000 feet of either a school or a park could bring more jail time, and this home is just down the road from both.

"That's very concerning," said Bowers. "You know we have our kids and our grandkids playing in this park....I'm glad they got them shut down."

But neighborhood parents remain vigilant.

"I think it's all over the place," said Lesley Steven Reany, who lives down the street from the park. "[My kids] know pretty much to stay around me or around the house, and I usually keep a pretty good eye on them."

The two suspects face seven charges each.


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