In Your Corner team helps foster family get refund

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HARRAH,OKLA. - Kristen Wood's family keeps growing.

Her three foster boys are all under the age of four.

“Thought we were just going to get one kid and then bam, here comes three,” she said.”

She and her partner, Julie, are in the process of adopting the oldest boy.

The family recently closed on a new home, but wanted one upgrade.

Kristen said, “We were looking for more ecofriendly countertops.”

The couple signed a contract with Kurt Parker to replace the old ones and paid him $250 up front.

“We never heard from him,” Kristen said. “Got a hold of him finally [and] he said he had been arrested for DUI.”

We checked.

Parker is charged with DUI in Logan County.

He was scheduled to be in court last week, except he never showed.

We went looking for him at his home.

He answered the door and said he forgot he was supposed to be in court.

We asked him about Kristen and Julie's countertops.

He didn’t go into exactly what happened, but whipped out his wallet and handed over $300.

Believe it or not we were able to go to the door and get the couple’s cash.

We made sure the foster family got their refund.    

“We're excited,” Kristen said. “We're blown away. We didn't think this would happen so fast.”

Scott called up his friends at Counter-Tops By Tom.

They've offered to help install the family's new countertops once and for all.

We'll check back.

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