Satanic temple places ‘snaketivity’ next to Nativity scene

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DETROIT, Mich. (WILX) – While a proposed statue is causing controversy at Oklahoma’s Capitol, a display is making people do a double take in Michigan.

A group of Satanists have placed a ‘snaketivity’ near a Nativity scene on the Capitol grounds.

“We heard the Nativity scene was being considered, and we really felt that a singular voice shouldn’t be the only voice represented by the Capitol and by our government, considering the fact that there are a diversity of beliefs and ways to celebrate the holidays,” says Jex Blackmore, with the Detroit Satanic Temple.

However, not everyone is accepting of their position.

“The Satanic Temple in Detroit purposely put up their display during this season to be offensive,” said Sen. Rick Jones. “It’s their First Amendment right. I’m going to ignore them, and I’m going to remember the light of the season, not the darkness.”

Others say they see nothing wrong with the display.

“I’m not offended at all. I don’t think anybody’s really going to be. I think the statement they made is kind of lackluster,” Heather Parkinson.

The Satanic Temple says they are hoping to start a religious conversation.

“People have the right to be offended, and they have the right to protest and that goes both ways,” said Blackmore. “Hopefully, our display encourages and inspires others who have a minority belief to speak out.”

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