Woman arrested after allegedly causing a scene, telling toddler to “kill the police”

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- A woman was arrested at the Oklahoma County Court Clerk's office after yelling at employees, struggling with deputies, and telling her two-year-old son to "kill the police," according to court records.

Last Tuesday, 26-year-old, Tia Ann Ooten was at Tim Rhodes' office to access adoption records, which are confidential by law, according to Rhodes.

When told she needed a court order, she made the kind of threat that officers do not take lightly - especially these days.

Ooten was allegedly swearing, yelling and pointing fingers at employees.

"(She was) very loud," Rhodes said. "(She was) cupping her mouth with her hands and shouting."

"I don't believe anybody in this office has ever heard that kind of a comment before," he added.

Ooten's comment happened after deputies arrived.

It was directed at her two-year-old son who was sitting on the counter.

According to an affidavit, Ooten said, "That's right son, be a man and kill the police!"

"We take those (comments) very serious," Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel said Monday.

He said Ooten put up a physical struggle with deputies when she refused to leave.

Court records indicate a deputy grabbed the two year old's arm to keep him from falling - and that's when Ooten grabbed the deputy's arm.

Authorities also say Ooten was also uncooperative during the book in process.

Whetsel does not think her words or actions were inspired by nationwide protests against police, but he said he's very concerned for her son.

"Who is being raised by a woman who told her son that it's ok to kill the police," Whetsel said. "It's really sad that we find young people, children, in those kind of homes with that kind of a parent."

Ooten is behind bars on complaints of assault and battery on an officer, obstruction, and disturbing the peace.

Her son was placed in custody of the Department of Human Services.

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