Controversial abortion doctor still allowed to practice medicine in metro

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A high-profile abortion doctor is still allowed to practice medicine after his recent arrest.

An undercover investigation found Dr. Naresh Patel was selling abortion drugs to patients who weren’t even pregnant.

The state medical board says it has no plans yet for a hearing concerning Dr. Patel’s medical license.

While free on bail, he’s still allowed to practice medicine at his abortion clinic in Warr Acres where he was arrested earlier this month.

Next door at Holy Innocents, a man who works there told us he wants Patel’s practice shut down.

“How much more disgusting can a person get? You know? And if there’s a reaction for the poor woman because of the drugs, he`s not going to be any good for getting them in a hospital,” the man said.

Attorney General Scott Pruitt wants the state medical board to step in.

Under Oklahoma law, the board can take emergency action.

“They have ample reason to review whether he should be practicing medicine in the state of Oklahoma. From my perspective, he shouldn`t be. There`s a process to address this and the board should implement that process," Pruitt said.

NewsChannel 4 spoke with one of Patel’s former patients. She claims he lied to her about how far along she was in her pregnancy so he could charge her more money.

“They said, ‘well that`s going to be another 500 dollars,’” the woman said.

She says they didn’t give her any anesthesia and the pain was unbearable.

“I’d never known anything like it in my life. It was like torture,” she said.

Dr. Patel’s office was open Tuesday, but he wasn’t there when we stopped by.

Patel has been in the headlines before.

He was under fire back in the early 1990s after burning aborted fetuses in a field near Shawnee.

Patel was never disciplined by the state medical board or charged with a crime.

Patel will be arraigned early next month on charges of racketeering and obtaining money under false pretenses.

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