‘He deserved it,’ 911 operators in NY make anti-police remarks

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NEW  YORK– A verbal dispute between 911 operators and the FDNY took place in a New York call center after the assassinations of NYPD officers.

It had just been reported that Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Lui had been killed when alleged remarks were made by a couple of 911 operators.

According to a law enforcement source, the tiff escalated to a yelling match when one of the 911 operators allegedly said that one of the officers “deserved it.”

Fire department dispatchers who were in ear shot got heated at the sound of that comment as well.

But sources said as the comment made one of the dispatchers “sick to his stomach,” he moved to another desk to avoid further confrontation.

According to Daily News, the workers were in the 911 call center in Brooklyn’s MetroTech Center — but the spat was only between the FDNY and cop operators. None of the city’s EMS operators were involved.

A spokesman noted that there was no record of any disciplinary action or official intervention.

“The 911 call operators are extremely dedicated to their jobs and do everything they can to protect and help police officers at all times,” the spokesman said.

“We are proud to wear the NYPD patch on our uniforms, and at this time, all our energy is going toward helping the families of the two officers who were tragically killed,” he added.

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