Metro salon receives threats after controversial sign

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The sign at J & Company Salon changes almost as often as the Oklahoma weather.

"It’s become this phenomenon of funny things that people enjoy," said owner Jay Baker.

But some people are not laughing at the salon's recent Christmas sign about Santa Claus.

It’s actually drawing hate mail.

One side says, “Hey kids, guess what? Santa is not” and the other side says, "coming to see you if you have been naughty.”


Baker says critics of the sign have missed the other side of the sign.

"People haven't read the other side and have sent me threatening messages and a hate letter saying I'm a bad person," said Baker.

One hate letter says Baker deserves a lump of coal.

But an angry voicemail he received is far more sinister.

"I have a little trouble understanding your marquee out front and what you have on it. If you don't change it real soon I'm going to break your windows out every night for a week," the person says on the voicemail.

Those were frightening words for someone who loves Christmas and displays it at every corner in the shop.

"Today is pajama day at J & Company Salon. Everybody has a Santa hat and pajamas on and I'm pretending like I'm Scott Hines. We love Christmas," said Baker.

Baker said he would never discourage a child from believing.

"I have a 4-year-old granddaughter named Grace, she believes in Santa, I believe in Santa, we all believe in Santa here," he said.

Even though Baker didn't mean to offend anyone, he says he's not backing down to bullies.


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