You won’t believe some of the things people tried to sneak past TSA in 2014

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WASHINTON – The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has released the list of confiscated items in 2014, and it’s jaw-dropping.

Knives and guns are relatively easy to come by if you’re a TSA officer, considering over 2,100 guns- 1,700 of them loaded -were found in passenger luggage. Over 700 stun guns, many of them disguised as mobile phones were also seized by the authorities as of December 19, according to KJRH.

But other confiscated items you are about to see will raise eyebrows.

A suicide vest:


An inert bazooka round:

Bazooka ORD IMG-20130102-00003[1]

A plethora of grenades, most unarmed:


A 3 oz. bottle of tear gas:

tear gas

A human skull: (Although not a security threat, the area quickly became a crime scene)


And of course, a knife hidden inside an enchilada.


Not to worry Americans; TSA has got it under control!

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