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Police: Armored truck driver, $200,000 missing

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AMARILLO, Texas – It’s a mystery that has left authorities and the alleged suspect’s family scratching their heads.

On Monday, officers found an armored truck abandoned in an alley.

The driver was nowhere to be found.

In addition to the missing driver, $200,000 in cash was also gone.

Now, police have issued an arrest warrant for the driver, Trent Michael Cook.

Authorities believe he abandoned the truck and stole over $200,000.

“The warrant was based on several factors including the fact that the armored car was only missing for about 25 minutes before it was discovered. Another factor taken into account was that there was no sign of struggle or a 911 call prior to this,” said Sgt. Brent Barbee, with the Amarillo Police Department.

Cook’s father, 43-year-old Brian Hodge, is already behind bars after investigators claimed he tampered with evidence related to the case.

Investigators claim Cook may have discussed the crime with his father before committing it.

However, Cook’s family says he is a loving man who was never in trouble.

“If Trent was involved in this, it is unusual and he is not a willing partner,” said Bill Wills, Cook’s stepfather.

They say he is a former service member and a self-proclaimed computer nerd.

“I just want to know he’s okay and not lying in a ditch somewhere,” said Audrey Wills, Cook’s mother.

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