Former OKC Zoo gorilla rejected again; ready for another transfer

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Kamina, Courtesy: OKC Zoo

CINCINNATI, OH.– Kamina the gorilla was born at the Oklahoma City Zoo in August. After a transfer to Cincinnati in September, she is making another big move to the Columbus Zoo to be placed with other gorillas again.

After her mother rejected her in OKC, the baby gorilla was placed in the care of the Cincinnati Zoo. She was taken care of by humans wearing hairy vests.

The keepers taught Kamina how to act like a gorilla by crawling on their hands and knees so Kamina could practice abdominal and back riding. They also used low grunting sounds to soothe her and coughing sounds to discourage behaviors.

They eventually placed her with two older female gorillas who didn’t accept her either.

“Unfortunately, neither of the adult females that we hoped would bond with her did,”  Ron Evans, primates curator, said in a statement.

But they say she is ready to be with other gorillas. So since Kamina is having a hard time being accepted, the keepers in Cincy thought that the best action to take would be to move her to the Columbus Zoo, which has a long history of caring for gorillas.

No word yet on when Kamina will make the transfer.

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