Oklahoma City teen accused of threatening to kill police officer

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City teenager is behind bars, accused of plotting an act of terror.

Police say the suspect threatened to murder a police officer.

That illegal conversation is a violation of the state's anti-terrorism act.

The case apparently came to light because of a confidential call to police.

A recent tragedy in New York City where two police officers were gunned down inside their patrol car apparently sparked the crime at SW 44th and May.

Rodriguez allegedly said the outpouring of support for the two murdered police officers in New York City was unwarranted.

Rodriguez and an unknown black male then allegedly agreed to murder the first police officer they found.

"He was threatening to kill police officers. You cannot do that," said Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight.

Police say the alleged murder plot is a crime even though Rodriguez didn't follow through on the threat.

"For it to be a felony crime you don't have to carry out a threat," said Knight. "It's a crime just making the threat against a group of people."

When we showed up the suspect's home his mom and dad angrily denied their son did anything wrong.

"They can't prove it. They didn't prove it," said the father.

"I'm devastated. This is my child," said the suspect's mother Inga Rodriguez. "My son told me he was never at a taco stand."

"There is a lot more threats against officers and more credible threats than there used to be," said Oklahoma City FOP president John George.

Given the deadly violence against police in the Big Apple and elsewhere, George says threats against police can never be ignored.

"Any of these threats could become reality," said George. "We need to take all threats serious because you never know which one will be acted on."

Investigators with the police department's gang enforcement unit got an anonymous phone call that led them to arrest the suspect.

The 18-year-old suspect remains behind bars in the Oklahoma County Jail.

He's being held without bond.


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