Oklahoma City homicide rate sees big drop in 2014

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Some good news to end 2014.

As the year comes to a close, the number of deadly crimes in Oklahoma City has plummeted.

This year's murder rate saw a significant decline compared to the last two years.

With just a few hours left in the year, Oklahoma City has seen 62 homicides.

That is way down from a near record number seen just two years ago.

The first homicide of 2014 back on January 3rd at Hefner and Western left one police officer wounded and an armed suspect dead.

The city's latest murder took place on the other side of town on SW 51st.

That case brought this year's homicide tally to 62, a big drop from recent years.

"We're always happy when crime numbers are dropping, particularly when it involves people's lives like homicides," said Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight.

In 2010 and 2011, there were 60 homicides each year in the city.

In 2012, that number spiked to 99 before falling to a still relatively high 75 in 2013.

"Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason why one year we have more homicides than another," said Knight.

Police admit they don't know what causes more murders to be committed one year to the next, but they have tried to crack down on the root causes of the violence.

"Most homicides fall in the category of drug sales, gang life or prostitution. That's where a vast majority of the homicides come from," said Knight. "There's just no good way to predict the number of homicides. It ebbs and flows. Some years are higher than others."

This year did feature a significantly higher number of officer involved homicides compared to years past, but again the reason for that is hard to explain.


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