Update: Phoenix tiger makes her pick in OSU’s bowl game battle with Washington

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Courtesy: Phoenix Zoo

UPDATE: 01/01/15 The Phoenix Tiger made her choice and it is the University of Washington to win over Oklahoma State in the Cactus Bowl Game. Two cardboard boxes representing each team were placed inside Hadiah’s exhibit and both filled with the same portions of meat. The box Hadiah opened and ate from first was her pick to “determine” the winner of the game! Hadiah’s record prior to this year was 4 – 0 when predicting the winners of the Arizona bowl games.

Hadiah picked the University of Arizona to win the Fiesta Bowl game earlier this week. UofA did lose the Fiesta Bowl, which ended Hadiah’s four game winning streak. Her record in Arizona bowl game picks is now 4-1.



PHOENIX – A tiger will predict the winner of  OSU’s bowl game.

On January 1, the Phoenix Zoo’s Sumatran tiger, Hadiah, will predict the winner of the upcoming TicketCity Cactus Bowl game between the University of Washington Huskies and the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

The zoo will place two cardboard boxes filled with the same treats into Hadiah’s exhibit.

One box represents the Huskies, and the other represents the Cowboys.

When Hadiah is released into her exhibit, whichever box she opens and eats from first will “determine” the winner of the game.

According to the Phoenix Zoo, Hadiah has never been wrong.

Her record for the past two years predicting the winners of the Arizona bowl games has been 4 to 0.

In the video below you can see an example of how Hadiah picks the winner.

Last year she correctly predicted the winner of the 2014 Fiesta Bowl.

The Cowboys face off against the Huskies on January 2, in Tempe, Arizona.


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