Man blinded by gunshot on Christmas Eve looking for work

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A family man is recovering after being blinded by a gunshot wound to the face.

Christopher Mendenhall is the loving father of 7-month-old Kylie and almost two year old Elijah. He recently saw his baby girl take her first steps. He cut his son's hair for the first time getting ready for the holidays.

"I love them with everything I have. They're the entirety to my being and that dude took that away from me," said Mendenhall.

But his dreams and vision for his children changed on Christmas Eve when he says he was shot in the face at point blank range by 22 year old Christopher Hudson.

The bullet blew out his left eye, pierced the right one and was lodged in his temple. Now Mendenhall is blind.

"It scares me because I work hard every day to feed my kids and feed my family to make sure we were ok so we can live comfortably and now we can't,' said Mendenhall.

Before the shooting, he was a welder by trade and the breadwinner for his entire family. Mendenhall doesn't just want to go on disability but doesn't know how he'll find work without his sight.

For now, the family started a Go Fund Me account to help with everyday he would only ask for in a desperate situation.

"I’m trying to keep diapers on my babies and pay my bills and keep food in our stomachs. I‘ve never  had to ask anybody for anything but it’s so bad so now I have to ask."

The suspect is facing a host of charges.

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