Acid spill injures one, temporarily shuts down Oklahoma City rail yard

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OKLAHOMA CITY - One person is recovering after a dangerous acid spill shut down part of a rail yard on Monday.

Hazmat crews, firefighters, police and paramedics rushed to the rail yard, located near S.E. 11th St. and High.

"[A] contracting crew was transferring some liquid from a rail car. One of the hoses dislodged and spilled some acid down on the ground,” said Major Chris Black, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

Authorities say between 300 to 500 gallons of hydrochloric acid spilled on the ground.

Fire crews say they had to stay about 1,000 feet from the acid spill because of the potential risks.

"When we're dealing with a hazardous material, we usually approach it more cautiously," said Black.

One of the contractors, who was working on moving the chemical, was injured.

"If you got it on you, it could burn you. Any acid on your skin can cause some serious injuries," said Black.

Luckily, officials say the victim is going to be alright.

Fortunately, there's no risk to the ground water or the nearby Oklahoma River because of safety precautions already set in place.

"Where they do transfer the products and offload the chemicals, they do have a place set up in the rail yard to contain any spill that does happen,” said Black.

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