Graphic: Horse left for dead now fighting for life, serving as an inspiration to volunteers

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JONES, Okla. - A horse left for dead is now fighting for his life.

According to a fundraising page, the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division was called on New Year's Day to come pick up a dead horse.

Since the division was closed on Thursday for the holiday, crews arrived on Friday.

They were shocked by what they found.

Volunteers say the horse was very much alive and completely tangled in a fence.

They say his face had been severely attacked by dogs, his ears were bitten off and he was suffering from multiple injuries and wounds across his body.

"He was tangled up in fencing and trapped on the ground and had been for at least two days," said Natalee Cross, with Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue.

Veterinarians say he has a head fracture and was covered in cuts all over his body.

"The best we could speculate is maybe dogs got a hold of him, chewing on him while he was down," said Cross.

While he was severely injured, he still showed affection to his rescuers.

"Immediately came up to her, put his head on her shoulder and started loving on her. She saw a horse that still had a lot of will to live," said Cross.

Now, Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue has taken over the horse's care.

They have named him Rudy and say he has come a long way from when he was found.

"Rudy really is an inspiration, I think not only to myself but to many people. He's a fighter, he's not giving up, he wants to be here," said Cross.

According to updates on the group's Facebook page, Rudy loves attention and has captured the hearts of every volunteer.

"I love this horse like you would not imagine," said Cross.

The Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division is in the process of filing animal cruelty charges against Rudy's owner.

"God was watching over him," said Cross.

The rescue is raising money to help pay for Rudy's medical care.

So far, the group has raised almost $20,000.

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