Update: Charges filed against metro man accused of kidnapping 4-year-old from home

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UPDATED 1/14/15 12:04 P.M.

OKLAHOMA CITY – State prosecutors have officially charged the man accused of kidnapping a  4-year-old Oklahoma City boy earlier this month.

George White, 56, of Del City, Okla., has been charged with kidnapping Quinten Thompson,4, from his Oklahoma City home.

Police say Quinten willingly left his home with White after the man allegedly came to the door looking for a friend who used to live at the address.

Investigators say he then allegedly  invited himself inside when the boy answered the door and kidnapped the boy.

The boy was found safe, and White was arrested a short time later.


OKLAHOMA CITY - A 4-year-old Oklahoma City boy is safe at home while a man accused of kidnapping the child remains behind bars.

The frightening disappearance took place over the weekend.

The boy's family is obviously relieved he's okay after allegedly being abducted by a complete stranger.

Police searched by air, on the ground and scoured the river after the boy vanished from his home over the weekend.

"I was worried. I was thinking I hope they find him safe," said Teresa Estrada.

Teresa works at the nearby convenience store where this suspect walked inside on Sunday dropped off the missing boy and told Teresa to call 911.

"The first thing I did was ask what's your name and he said Quinten and I grabbed him and said you're safe," said Estrada.

Police say 4-year-old Quinten willingly left his home with the suspect who came to the child's house allegedly looking for a friend who used to live at the address, then invited himself inside when the boy answered the door.

"The man came in my home and took him out of my home when the child opened the door thinking it was mom," said the boy's grandmother Connie Thompson.

Connie had been looking after the boy, but didn't notice the kidnapping at the time.

Only after the child's safe return, were police led to a Del City apartment complex where they arrested the suspect George White.

According to court records, the suspect admitted "He had never seen the child before, made no attempt to search home for any adult, removed the child without consent and kept child for 6 hours."

"Me and my daughter are trying to comprehend that this could happen," said Thompson. "We'll get new locks and I hope they prosecute him to the fullest."

The suspect does have a criminal record that coincidentally includes a previous kidnapping charge.

In that case he allegedly assaulted and tied up his ex-girlfriend.

The suspect is currently behind bars on a one hundred thousand dollar bond.


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