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Taliban leader behind Pakistan school attack promises more violence

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PESHAWAR, Pakistan– The leader of the terrorist group that committed a massacre among a Pakistani school that left 153 people dead last month is threatening to strike again if the government continues to target its members and their families.

“You will forget the Peshawar school attack when you face more deadly attacks,” Maulana Fazlullah, the head of Pakistan’s Taliban-Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), said in a video that surfaced on Tuesday.

Fazlullah, instead of apologizing or feeling remorse for the attack on the school, made more threats against the state if the “detention and house arrest of their women and (the) torture-to-death of their jailed fighters” does not cease.

In the video, the Taliban leader continued to say that, “Every action has a reaction. Killing of people or shedding blood is not our wish, but if you target our people irrespective of their age, then we would also hit your people. You killed many of our prisoners and remember we would not spare you,” he said. “We would target you everywhere, and if you found me, don’t spare me.”

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