Watch Oklahoma City Zoo’s newest baby elephant take first bath

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OKLAHOMA CITY -  A little shy at first, but it didn't take long for Oklahoma City Zoo's newest baby elephant to warm up to the water Tuesday morning.

"If I could start my morning out every morning just watching a baby elephant getting a bath or just romping around I would do it. If you aren't smiling when you see that baby elephant then I don't know you're just not human," Tara Henson,
with the Oklahoma City Zoo, said.

This baby Asian elephant doesn't have a name yet. She was born just three weeks ago on December 22nd at 1:35 p.m weighing a whopping 332 pounds.

She sticks close to her mother Asha and has her dad Rex and has big sis Malee to look up to.

"The baby is doing great she really enjoys being with her sister. Malee is over the moon with her," Laura Bottaro, OKC Zoo Animal Curator

Animal Curator Laura Bottaro says the calf is only the second elephant to be born at the Oklahoma City Zoo, which is a big deal.

Bottaro says there are only about 30,000 Asian elephants left in the wild making them critically endangered.

"We are the future of saving elephants in the wild," Bottaro

While this little one is still getting used to those working at the Oklahoma City Zoo and the visitors, they have already fallen "head over trunk" for her.

You can help name her. The zoo has narrowed the selection down to four choices:

  • Achara (A-ka-ra):  Of Thai origin, meaning “pretty angel” and the zoo keepers’ favorite.
  • Biju (Bee-joo): Of Indian origin, meaning “awesome”.
  • Divya (Div-ya): Of Indian origin, meaning “divine”.
  • Sage: Of English origin, meaning “wise one”.

 You can vote here through Friday.

Zoo officials will announce the name on Monday.

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