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Many outraged over viral video that appears to show how to avoid DUI arrest

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FLORIDA – Many are outraged about a viral video that appears to give step by step instructions on how to avoid a DUI arrest in Florida.

According to Daily Mail, a lawyer who created the controversial method says he is just trying to prevent false arrests, but safe driving advocates think it encourages drunk driving.

The video shows a man preparing to enter a DUI checkpoint in Florida.

He puts his license, insurance, and a flyer in a plastic bag.

In the video, the flyer appears to detail the driver’s rights and reads, “I remain silent, no searches, I want my lawyer.”

As he approaches the checkpoint, he keeps his window rolled up and hangs the bag outside of the window.

“The second that you open the window they can say they smell alcohol or drugs coming from the vehicle and the moment you speak a word they can claim that your speech is slurred,” the man says in the video.

When he pulls up to the checkpoint, the officer reads the bag, and waves him on.

“I really believe this matters, I really believe this is important for people to assert their constitutional rights,” attorney Warred Redlich told WPTV.

Safe driving advocates think it encourages drunk driving, but Redlich disagrees.

“It’s not designed for drunks, and I don’t think it really works for drunks because you have to follow instructions, and drunks aren’t good at that,” Redlich pointed out.

According to WPTV, lawyers and law enforcement agencies in Florida say there is nothing illegal about this method.

However, an advocate for safe driving says just because it isn’t illegal, it doesn’t mean people should do it.

Tara Kirschner works at Dori Saves Lives, an advocate group for safe driving.

She told WPTV that police set up DUI checkpoints to keep the roads safe and you should cooperate with them.

“It’s not the example we want to set for our youth,” she said referring to the strategy used in the video. “We want them to learn how to do the right things.”

The Fair DUI flyer from this video is specifically for people who live in Florida.  This method may not work in Oklahoma.


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