Truck stolen from non-profit food bank

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.- A thief caught on tape taking from the Oklahomans that are most in need.

Without the truck that was stolen, a food pantry might be forced to close its doors.

That's right. The truck belongs to Other Options Food Pantry.

The food pantry uses the vehicle to pick up donations they sell at a thrift store on Meridian.

"I went to the back of the store, and went out to unplug the truck and start it and warm it up, but there was no truck. Somebody had stole it," Owner and Manager of Thrift City John Johnson said.

"Okay, this is when he first came up to get into the driver's side, and he has Ford keys," Johnson said.

In the 90's, Ford keys could open other cars, and the suspect had to have known that.

"This here is where he's trying all he different keys that he's got," he continued as he showed KFOR the footage of the thief trying to steal the truck.

"I can't believe somebody would steal from a non profit," said Executive Director Mary Arbuckle.

"If we don't have a truck, we don't get to do our pick-ups," Johnson said.

Today, Other Options had 24 donations to pick up. But without a truck, they're down on their luck.

"Now we're going to have to spend a hundred or so dollars to rent a Ryder truck or a U-haul truck to be able to go pick up these items," Arbuckle said.

Staff say because of the cold, the truck was filled with donations that they were waiting to unload until morning.

"We rely on donations. We rely on things like Thrift City to help our clients out," said Arbuckle.

Johnson said, "I mean it just practically shuts down everything, the whole operation,"

And it leaves those left behind left trying to figure out what they'll do next.

"I don't like a thief in the first place. But when it goes to affecting all the people that he's affected by doing this, it really upsets me," Johnson said.

"No questions, just return it. That's all we ask, because everyday it's missing, that's money out of our account," Arbuckle said.

The truck is not hard to spot at all. It has 'thrift store' and other 'Other Options Food Pantry' written all over it.

If you've seen the truck or have any information, please call police.

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