Great State: Norman Couple’s Resolution Involves Trading Places to Get In Shape

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NORMAN, OKLAHOMA -- Her thing is yoga.

His thing is climbing.

Courtney and David Hurst had been married three years when a conversation started along the lines of appreciating the other's expertise.

"Courtney says, "Every once in a while I would be like, 'hey David. Do a little yoga with me. You'll feel great.'"

"The problem is she was doing it before work," chuckles David. "I'm still sleeping at that point."

That conversation turned to resolution.

Courtney thought she might concentrate on becoming a better climber in 2015.

David thought yoga might do him some good too.

"We never really said, specifically, 'you try climbing and I'll try yoga' but once we were here, what else were we going to do right?"

So they traded places, in one place.

The Climb Up gym opened in December.

Courtney started her climbs on the easy bouldering walls.

Without much 'belay' at all, she was reaching higher than she ever thought she could.

Courtney admits, "It's not the flexibility that's my problem. It's the strength. I didn't start very long ago but I can already tell improvement."

David too, although there are some poses he refuses to allow on camera.

He will admit to increased flexibility and an appreciation for this ancient practice.

A gym visitor asks, "Are you more flexible now or more relaxed, or both?"

"Yes," smiled David. "I think her climbing is better than my yoga. I'll say that."

Trading places wasn't comfortable for either Mr. or Mrs. Hurst.

They could have stayed with what each was good at and the marriage would likely have survived.

But it's interesting.

By stretching just a little bit, in a unique way, the Hurst family rope is stronger than ever.

The Climb Up gym opened the first week of December. If you'd like more information on location and membership go to

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