Police searching for men who tried to buy toddler for $100

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COVINA, Calif. – Most parents believe their children are priceless, but one mother says two men tried to buy her son at a supermarket.

Shoppers in California are on edge after detectives say two men tried to buy a woman’s toddler.

“I would hurt someone who offered to buy my kids,” one parent said.

A young mother says she was in the checkout line with her 2-year-old son when she was approached by two men.

“The gentlemen actually offered to purchase the child for $100,” said Sgt. Gregg Peterson, with the Covina Police Department.

She says she waited until they were gone to walk to her car.

“Started to put the child into the car and she heard the two people pull up next to her. And, once again, they started giving complements, talking about her, talking about the child, how pretty the child is, what pretty eyes he had. He actually got out of the vehicle, approached her with $100 and said, ‘I’ll give you $100 for your kid right now.’ That was concerning for her,” said Sgt. Peterson. “She got into that protective mode, pushed the kid in the car and locked the door.”

She told police she was afraid the men would kidnap her baby.

“They said, ‘Just keep the money,’ and they wanted to get out of there in hopes she wouldn’t call the police,” he said.

Right now, the motive is unknown.

“Pedophile aspect of it or the human trafficking aspect of things, we just don’t know what their intentions were,” he said.

The men are now wanted for attempted human trafficking.

The victim turned in the $100 bill as evidence.

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