Unique therapy giving Oklahomans gift of relaxation

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EDMOND, Okla. - It can be tough to relax after a long day, but a new type of therapy is aiming to help Oklahomans feel refreshed.

Floatation therapy is said to help your mind and body repair themselves as you float in water with no light and no sound.

A new business called Float OKC is opening in Edmond and focuses on sensory deprivation to heal and relax.

Organizers say the possible benefits range from stress relief to relieving back spasms.

"You float on the water effortlessly," said Neal Smock, with Float OKC.

Each float pod has 900 pounds of Epson salt dissolved into it to make sure your body is supported by the water.

"You're absorbing the magnesium sulfates, that's actually what supports you in the water," said Smock.

The water is set at 93 degrees.

"The water is heated to the same temperature of your skin," said Smock. "That, combined with it being light-proof and sound proof, provides that sensory deprived environment.”

Smock says the benefits are endless.

"The primary benefit that we see a lot of people coming in here is stress relief and relaxation," said Smock.

Discover Magazine cites a 1997 study, which indicated that more than 90 percent of participants found the practice deeply relaxing.

When visiting Float OKC, guests can also share their experiences.

One of the sayings called the experience at Float OKC, “meditation perfection.”

"One of the quotes here says, "Great experience, felt good to be in a place where there are no distractions, the mind is powerful," said Matthew Ligon, with Float OKC.

In addition to a stress reliever, Float OKC has seen clients experience physical benefits from the anti-gravity environment.

"He was in the middle of an active muscle spasm in his back. He came in, he was hunched over, you could tell he was in a lot of pain,” said Ligon. "He came out, he was grabbing his legs, he was touching his toes."

Float OKC advises you talk with a doctor before using this type of therapy.

Mental health experts say if you are having major psychological problems, it is best to speak with a professional.

However, they say floatation therapy is beneficial to reaching a complete meditation state.

The first floating session is $39.

For more information, visit Float OKC's website.

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