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69 people die after drinking home-brewed beer

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MOZAMBIQUE – At least 69 people died over the weekend after drinking home-brewed beer.

The mass poisoning occurred when people attending a funeral in Mozambique fell ill.

Doctors said they first started to receive lots of patients with diarrhea and muscle pain.

This quickly escalated into a health crisis.

With at least 69 people now dead, doctors say at least 169 people remain in the hospital.

Samples of the brew and suspicious objects found inside the drum have been sent to a laboratory for testing.

The country’s minister of health paid a visit to victims at the hospital.

Home brews concocted from corn, sorghum or other crops are commonly consumed in many parts of Africa.  Funerals on the continent are often accompanied by drinking and feasting.

The president, Armando Guebuza, declared three days of national mourning in the country.


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