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Couple claims they were deceived by two gyms

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro couple claims they've been ripped off by two gyms without warning.

David Olson and his wife say they only heard rumors their gym, Body Fit Club, might be closing at the end of 2014.

"They said that was the rumor," Olson said.  "There was no official notice. There was nothing up on a door.  We didn't get anything in the mail."

When they showed up on New Year's Day, they found the Body Fit doors locked.

There was also a sign alerting them that Gold's Gym had taken over the gym at another location.

However, Olson says he would rather work out at a local church.

"We didn't want to belong to Gold's Gym," he said.  "We had no intention.  I'm never going to belong to Gold's Gym."

Last week, the couple discovered a monthly membership fee charged to their bank account from Gold's Gym.

They also found out that because of a 30-day cancellation notice policy, they would have to pay for February's dues as well.

"I was a little upset," Olson said.  "Somebody's taking money out of my account without my written consent, without me giving them my account numbers."

Dewayne Hayes, the manager at Body Fit Club, told NewsChannel 4 their pending sale was clearly evident to all their members for the past four months.

"It was posted everywhere," he said.  "It was posted on our Facebook page.  It was posted on our doors."

Hayes said the owners have been there 27 years and Olson never contacted them about the sale.

"It was never our point to hurt anybody or affect anybody in any way," he said.  "We were trying to do what was best for the members, and that's about it."

Gold's Gym's corporate office in Dallas confirmed the 30-day cancellation notice.

However, they issued a statement, saying, "We understand that each situation is unique and will work with each member individually to resolve any and all billing issues."

Update: Since this story aired, Gold's Gym has granted David Olson a full refund.  The gym says they will waive the 30-day notice period for any BodyFit member who wants to cancel their Gold's Gym membership.


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