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Oklahoma students’ discovery leads to an investigation

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EDMOND, Okla - It is an ongoing investigation for a group of students at a local elementary school.

A group of fourth graders at St. Mary's recently found a wedding dress near a pond close to their school.

Now, they are trying to find out who it belongs to.

Head investigators Marley Hall and her partner Sam Mooney are working to crack the case.

"Some people thought that it might have been a crime scene," 4th grade student Marley Hall said. "But we don't think so."

After examining the evidence, they have ruled out the obvious.

"We found stains on the train." Hall said. "It was just dirt, but we think it was just because of the dress just being there."

The head of the school, Pamela Docktor, believes it is a rare opportunity to marry education with hands on experience.

"Their minds just go in many wonderful places of exciting learning opportunities," Docktor said.

But their imaginations led to the end of the trail, and now they're desperate.

"We're still a little bit confused," Sam Mooney said.

The students say they haven't given up.

"Because that's going to be so sad if someone just took someone's wedding dress and just dropped it next to the pond," Mooney said.

Now they have asked another agency for assistance.

"The police took it," Mooney said

"They're kind of helping us a little bit, but they haven't found anyone who it belongs to," Hall said.

If you know who the wedding dress may belong to, Edmond police officials say you are welcome to come to the station and claim it.


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