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Surprise pregnancy announcement in a photo booth brings husband to tears

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Jessica Devins and her husband love photo booths!

They’ve been going in photo booths since their very first date, and hop inside one every chance they get.

So, it was only fitting that they share one of the most special moments of their lives in a photo booth.

On the video uploaded to YouTube, Devins said she started taping her iPhone to the front wall of photo booths to capture video of their silly faces a few months ago.

She said that way he wouldn’t be suspicious when she was finally able to share the happy news that they were going to have a baby.

Watch her husband’s sweet reaction after he learns he’s going to be a dad!

Social media fell in love with their video!

Jessica  commented on YouTube:  “We are just over the moon with joy and then to see how many people like our video is just heart warming!!”

“We posted it hoping that it would inspire someone else someday,” said Jessica.

Baby Devins is due in June 2015.

See the video above.