Great State: Muscle Car Ranch Does Everything Big Including Swim Docks

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CHICKASHA, OKLAHOMA -- It may be the coldest time of year in this part of the country.

The biggest pond on Curtis Hart's property may be as dry as it has ever been.

But that doesn't keep him from making big plans.

"The city of Venice is built on wooden piers," he says while walking along the frozen pond bottom. "They don't rot under water. So I was always thinking I could make a dock."

The longtime owner of Muscle Car Ranch, the guy who spent more than 25 years turning this 60 acre pasture into one of the most unique properties in the state, decided to dream big again.

"You don't ever think small do you?" states a ranch visitor.

"I don't know," muses Hart. "On something like this, I don't want to do it but once. I want to be able to enjoy this stuff and not have to go back and work on it."

When the deepest of his five farm ponds dried up Curtis drained it the rest of the way and then dug it deeper.

He had a stockpile of old telephone poles on the property and put them to use.

By summer time he's hoping to be the first to swan dive off one of the largest pond docks in the state.

"It look like you could pull a ship up to this," states his visitor.

Hart smiles. "That's what I'm thinking about, maybe putting a pocket battleship in here. Really though, it's going to be a good swimming hole and I've been able to excavate all the rich topsoil that used to be at the bottom."

The old swap meets he used to host on the ranch are a thing of the past.

Same with the big concert events he organized, though the big stage is still intact.

Hart is still busy though.

He's still collecting and thinking big.

Muscle Car Ranch is an interesting RV park now.

The dock is one more vision come to life, a piece of Hart's love for doing things all out, all the time.

"These old boards will last longer than we will," he says.

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