See how this news anchor is helping a student teased about her glasses

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RICHMOND, Va. – A news anchor in Virginia is helping a student who was teased about her glasses.

According to WTVR, someone said some pretty mean things to Marley, a third-grade student in Virginia.

Marley wears eyeglasses and someone at her school told her the glasses were too big for her face.

“I always put a note in Marley’s lunch bag for school and when I was re-packing her bag yesterday morning, I saw a note she left me saying someone told me my glasses are too big and I DO NOT LIKE THEM,” Marley’s mother Jill said. “When I went to talk with her about it she said she didn’t want to wear them anymore because she didn’t want to be made fun of.  I told her I think they are awesome and that she shouldn’t let someone’s comment make her not want to wear them, you loved them when we picked them out.  I then asked if I could take a picture and see what my friends on Facebook think and the rest is history.”

The post caught the attention of WTVR anchor Julie Bragg.

Bragg wanted to help the little girl, so she posted a message to her fans on Facebook.

So far, more than 20,000 people have “liked” the post about Marley’s glasses, and the post has generated more than 3,000 comments.


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