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“Putting ‘em in a coffin” prank causes outrage

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CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WTKR) — “Putting ’em in a coffin.”

It’s a phrase describing a prank in which kids jump back-first onto cars, trying to emulate a coffin.

A viewer emailed KFOR affiliate WTKR, telling them it happened to him on Monday night.

“I don’t even think he looked. He just went like this and jumped on it! And I thought it was going to leave a dent, but it just kind of popped back into place.”

It’s called “Putting ’em in a coffin” a social media trend, in which kids jump back-first onto the hood of a car, with their arms crossed.

Doug Luke experienced it firsthand last night, while he and his wife were sitting in their parked SUV in Norview.

Luckily — his car wasn’t damaged.

“I was just kind of watching in disbelief and like, okay, I guess it’s better than the knock-out game! Haha. But still, just very destructive and dumb.”

He had no idea what the kids were doing, until he watched NewsChannel 3.

“I would like to know for the kids who are participating in this, how is this fun?”

The damage could have cost him thousands.

After NewsChannel 3 shared Doug’s story, Nancy Peterson and her husband says they too fell victim to the prank last week.

“I’m just glad we are OK because we thought something fell out of the sky,” Peterson says. “He dented it right there.”

Peterson’s car, a 1993 Ford Escort now has a large dent. She says she’s not going to repair her car because it would cost too much money.

“We didn’t even get out of the car,” she says. “We was in shock.”

Peterson says she was waiting at a stoplight when she saw a group of teenage boys run across the street.

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