Dangerous tree limbs, no match for In Your Corner team

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OKLA. CITY - Martha Casey’s worst fear is that the dangerous tree limbs in her back yard will come crashing down onto her home.

The towering tree is healthy, but the dangerous limbs need a good trim.

Martha struggles to pay the bills and has Lupus and bad arthritis.

Still that can't keep her from getting around with a cane or writing letters in long hand.

She sent the In Your Corner team a letter asking for help.

In Your Corner reporter, Scott Hines, got busy on the horn and 10 minutes later he had himself a tree trimmer.

Zack Mitchell and Professional Tree Care fired up their big machines and got right to work.

There was a bunch of damage to the tree from previous storms that came through.

“[We] basically went through and made the tree safe,” Zack said.

It took Zack's crew about 2 hours to get the job done.

“Thank you and if I had a million dollars I'd divide it with you,” she said.


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