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UPDATE: Deputy-involved shooting in Kingfisher County

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KINGFISHER COUNTY, Okla. -- There was a deputy-involved shooting on Highway 81 in Dover around 5:45 p.m. Friday.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) says it was a Kingfisher deputy that shot El Reno resident 37-year-old Steven Andrew Smith twice in the chest.

Witnesses say they were just feet away when the shooting took place.

"I heard two pops. Pop pop, and the guy fell over next to his car," Jeremy Hedge said.

"I was pulling down the driveway and I just heard the two gun shots go off, and I just watched him sort of go limp," Dillon Matthews said.

Smith was taken to OU Medical Center. No word on his condition yet.

OSBI says it all started when Dover Police pulled over a suspected drunk driver. The Kingfisher County deputy was called in for backup.

"When I looked at them, they already had their guns drawn," Hedge said.

A witness says it appeared the suspect was not obeying the officer's orders.

"He put them up to about his shoulders and then he went back down. And by that time, the other cop stepped in front and I couldn't see," Hedge said.

Agents say when Smith allegedly pulled a knife and made a threatening gesture toward the officers that's when the deputy fired his weapon.

"I heard the gun shots and his hands were about here," Hedge said. "I couldn't tell exactly, but it looked like he got shot in the chest."


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