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Fed up neighbor uses gun to threaten owner of barking dogs

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EDMOND, Okla. -- A man is threatened at gunpoint, after a neighbor gets fed up with his loud dogs.

Leslie Pardee was arrested Thursday night at his Edmond home, for 'Felony Pointing a Firearm.'

It was a quiet night on East Covell Road, before Pardee decided to pay his neighbor a visit.

"Somebody just...'bang bang bang', really loud on the front door," said Bryan Rops, who lives across the street from Pardee.

Pardee then went on a cussing rant according to Bryan, screaming about the Rops' dogs barking too loud.

"I was just like woah, my wife is scared to death, I've got two daughters in the house."

So Bryan moved the argument outside. The yelling continued, even as Pardee got back into his car.

That's when police say Bryan punched the car's hood.

"I was pretty mad," said Rops.

Pardee has a concealed carry weapons permit according to police, but at that point...the weapon was concealed no more.

"He got out of his car with a weapon...he came to within arms length of me and said I'm going to kill you" said Rops. "About that same time I said, 'this is it, I'm dead.'"

But instead, Pardee got back into his car, backed out of the drive and went home. He was later arrested for pointing a firearm.

Pardee told police it was Bryan's loud dogs that started the fight, and he's not the first to complain.

"We've been out there four times since 2012," said Jenny Monroe, with Edmond Police. "There's a history with these dogs, and people that live in that neighborhood."

Bryan has even been taken to court over his animals. So their pets have since been kept in a heated warehouse at night, to help stop the barking.

KFOR stopped by Pardee's home for comment, but he refused.

"I'm very sorry that he didn't get any sleep," said Rops. "But if that crime is enough for me to be executed on my own property, then I guess that is what it is."

Edmond Police tell KFOR although Pardee is licensed to carry a weapon, they don't believe him pointing the gun at his neighbor Thursday night was warranted.

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