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Professor creates app to help parents track down students who ditch class

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When your kids go away to college, many parents wonder if they will actually be attending those pricey classes now that they are on their own.

A company in Indianapolis created a new smart phone app that helps parents figure out if students are getting their education.

Jeff Whorley, a university professor, decided to create Class120.

His research found that typical college students ditch two classes a week, which adds up to more than 200 every year.

In most cases, parents would have no way of knowing it.

The Class120 app checks in on smartphones that students take everywhere.

Their class times and locations are programmed into the app.

The app begins pinging the phones to find out if they are where they are supposed to be when classes start.

“If they see that daughter or son not going to class for two or three days in a row, they can pick up the phone and say, ‘What’s up?’ Whorley told WTHR.

Greg Havill paid for the app so he could keep tabs on his son.

“Most universities, it’s $20,000 a year to go to school. That’s a lot of wasted money if the kid is not going to class,” he said.

The app costs $200 for a year for the subscription.

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